IMG_9332 concurs  – ianuarie-februarie 2015- locul I

foto castigatoare


  • Silver medal :

Constantin Ticu is a wedding photojournalist from Romania, who started doing photography almost 5 years ago, after 4 years of cinematography. He works in television industry for 16 years now and for over 12 years at the Romanian National Television Network – TVR. Ticu was awarded with Silver in the first year of WPJA, at his very first contest. Constantin Ticu’s photos remind you the instants that you want to keep for eternity, the moments that give importance to the event and fill you with emotions.  A glance, a gesture, simple things from real life are transformed in art that passes by the feelings from the character or subject to the one watching the photo. Constantin Ticu has a degree in photography since 2010.

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